Conference Highlights

The proliferation of Corporate Venture Capital and the role corporates play in supporting long term growth for the Greater China’s innovators.

The barriers for angel investors and venture capitalists in taking business from start-up to successful scale-up and accessing public market

A debate on the different motivations among capital providers and discuss how can interests be best aligned with entrepreneurs

New strategies and policies for backing Greater China's leading innovators and attracting global entrepreneurs to settle in the region

How to create a better pathway to IPO for angel and VC - backed businesses

The Journey of a high growth entrepreneur from startup to exit





Crave to be involved in driving positive change and to bring new solutions to life

Desire to generate enhanced investment and outsized returns

Find ways to diversify your portfolio investment

Gain insight and identify key startup investment opportunities or how to identify them Find out which type of investments will offer the best potential returns over the coming decade

Why Attend